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The mystery of psychology most often precludes people from the facts and science to ponder over the mind. It’s very understandable considering the various factors having its influence and various ways of expression of this mysterious mind. Psychology is such encompassing area that none is out of its purview. In this arena CADABAM’S MIND TALK consisting of the best psychiatrists and psychologists in Bangalore is a center where holistic psychological and Neuro Psychiatric services are available under one roof located at J.P.Nagar in Bangalore, India.
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  Inaugural address by the Director Sandesh Cadabam on launch of Cadabam’S Mind Talk’   CADABAM’S FILM FESTIVAL 2011
…..for the very first time, an inaugural mind blowing cinema therapy… Organized by a group of outstanding residents of Cadabams….

Rehabilitation center
Rehabilitation centre
Rehabilitation centre
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psychotherapy in bangalore
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